Eco Friendly Recycling Since 1992

25 years of Excellence in Non ferrous metal recycling with state-of-the-art technology.

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We are the leading manufacturer of all types of reprocessed plastic granules and PET bottle flakes. We also specialize in colour matching of granules as per the customers’ needs and specifications.

27 Years of Excellence


Gravita has grown constantly and consistently to mark its customer presence in over 50 countries. At the moment, we are catering to clients worldwide with quality and service that falls in line with global requisites.


Gravita is synonym to green in terms of health of the environment, people and society. We have invested our resources to ensure sustainable operation in all aspects through energy management, waste and resource management.


Gravita has leveraged power of trustworthiness to provide world class environment friendly recycling process for PP Granules and PET Flakes. Commitment to consistent quality and reliability drives our process.

PET Flakes and PP Granules

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Gravita is award winning company for business excellence and exports.

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