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Since 1992 by valuing and empowering people, Gravita is committed to profitable growth through innovations.


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Gravita is a Jaipur based company, established in 1992, that recycles all types of plastic waste and is among the leading recyclers of polymer waste in India. With 3 decades in the business, our unflinching responsibility towards creating and ensuring a safe and clean environment continues.

We are the leading manufacturer of reprocessed plastic granules and Recycled PET flakes. We reprocess all types of plastic waste generated from Battery Scrap. The reprocessed plastic granules, manufactured from plastic waste are of virgin material and are fairly economically priced compared to the virgin material.

Gravita produces high quality food packaging PET flakes. We produce 75% clear and 25% color flakes from the total volumes. 60% of our product goes to PET Sheet producers and 40% are fiber and PET strap producers.

  •   Well Established Waste Collection network
  •   Stringent Quality Norms
  •   Well Equipped Testing Lab
  •   Material checking at every Stage
  •   Proper Segregation of Incoming Material
EPR Efficient Scrap Waste Collection, Transportation & Recycling system.
CIRCULAR ECONOMY Transform waste into Granules, further usable for Product manufacturing by Waste Provider
CERTIFICATIONS §  Registration Certificate
§  Consent to Operate
§  Agreements for Hazardous Waste Disposal
§  ISO & OHSAS Certified

Our Mission

To be amongst the top 5 global companies in recycling by 2026 through:


Sustainable Growth

Eco-friendly technological innovation

Value creation for all stakeholders